1982 Moonstone Eclipse Doubleneck



This is probably the greatest masterpiece in my collection.  Moonstone Eclipse model guitars are rare.  Only 67 Eclipse guitars were made between 1977 and 1982.  This amazing guitar is one of only 3 Moonstone Eclipse Doubleneck guitars ever made.  Steve Helgeson, master luthier and owner of Moonstone Guitars owned the first doubleneck until 2003 when he sold it to a private collector.  The 2nd doubleneck has been rumored to be owned by none other than Jimmy Page of Led Zepplin fame.  This 3rd and final doubleneck (mine) is the greatest of the 3.  Its features are so beautiful and amazing that it was featured in the Moonstone catalogs of the 1980s and even made an appearance in the Moonstone TV commercial.

The Moonstone Eclipse Doubleneck had an extremely expensive base price of $2000 in 1982.  With the included options on this guitar, I estimate that it would cost approximately $12000 to have this guitar built today. 

The top and back are made of ultra-dense Burl Maple.  Known in the industry as "Jewel of the Forest", Burl Maple grows only in Northern California on steep cliffs.  It is difficult both to harvest and mill resulting in extremely high cost for this wood.  The guitar body core is made of old growth Honduras Mahogany.

Both necks consist of 3 pieces made of highly figured Birdseye Maple and African Paduak.  The necks run the length of the body (neck through body construction) and feature highly figured pre-WWII era Brazilian Rosewood 24 fret fingerboards.  The 12 string neck has 2 truss rods.  Both necks have real Ivory nuts, Gold Schaller tuners, matching burl maple headstock veneers and Walnut truss rod covers.

The most incredible feature of the guitar is the self-healing finish.  This expensive option is the reason that there is not a scratch on this guitar.  This is the only doubleneck with this finish option.  The finish feels hard to the touch but remains in a semi-fluid state.  If scratched the guitar simply "heals" itself.  Deep scratches can be fixed by taking a flame to the surface for a second or two.  25 years after being constructed the guitar finish is dead mint condition!

The guitar has independent wiring harnesses for each neck.  One or both necks can be played at the same time.  Due to the ultra dense woods used in the construction of the guitar I estimate that it weighs an extremely unwieldy 30 lbs.  An important side effect of this density is what I like to call hyper-sustain and resonance.  It acts as a lightening rod to sound.  You don’t play this guitar - it plays you.

The Moonstone Eclipse Doubleneck features:





Vintage Hondouras Mahogany Core, Burl Maple top and back & African Paduak


3 Piece Birdseye Maple, Brazilian rosewood Fretboards, African Paduak, Brass Fret Markers, 12 string neck has 2 truss rods!




Leo Quan Badass


Completely shielded, independent wiring harness for each neck. Les Paul style controls plus phase inverter switch for each neck


Original Seymour Duncan Jeff Beck, other unknown Seymour Duncan Model, Bartolini


Buffed Brass