2002 Jaros Bluzeman Plus


Built by Alan Dreher, this could be the best sounding Les Paul style guitar ever.  Although the serial number says 1000 it is not the 1000th Jaros ever made.  Jim Jaros probably built 150 or so guitars before this one.  Ed Roman bought the Jaros Guitar company in 2001 and started serializing his guitars starting with number 1000.  So, in this situation, serial number 1000 = Ed Roman serial number 1.  Under Ed Roman's guidance these guitars reached all new heights of excellence.   The highest quality tonewoods and construction possible were used. 

The Jaros Bluzeman is a revolutionary guitar design that maximizes acoustic coupling and resonance.  It is almost a neck through body guitar (the neck extends 80% of the length of the body and is set into the top AND the body).  It's like having the benefits of neck through body and carved top design together in one instrument.  In a word - amazing.  The pickups and tone pros bridge & tailpiece are direct mounted into the neck and top. The first pictures show the guitar being built.  You can see how deep the neck extends into the body as well as how large the chambers are.

This guitar features:

•Semi-hollow mastergrade White Korina Body

•Mastergrade White Korina neck

•Perfect AAAAAA Figured Carved Flame Maple Top, Back & Headstock overlay

•Burned in Jaros logo

•24 fret Gaboon Ebony fretboard with Abalone & Pearl Aztec Stairstep inlays

•Nickel Fret Wire

•Gold Sperzel Locking Tuners

•Ebony nut

•Seymour Duncan non-disclosure, hand wound, Neo-Dymium magnet, Black Back pickups (Direct Mounted)

•Gold Tone Pros Bridge & Tailpiece

•3 way gold pickup selector switch

•1 Master Volume (push/pull Phase control)

•2 Tone controls (push/pull Coil Tap for each pickup)

•Yellow Stain & Hand rubbed Nitrocellulose Finish